Mercier Therapy

Mercier Therapy 'one of the finest and most comprehensive women's visceral manipulation techniques'

Mercier Therapy was created by Dr. Jennifer Mercier, a naturopath and midwife, to optimize health and wellbeing within the pelvis by addressing scar tissue and decreased mobility of the reproductive structures. 

A Safe and Gentle Holistic Fertility Treatment'

Mercier Therapy is a visceral pelvic manipulation technique that helps to bring about better organ mobility, restore blood flow in the pelvis, and optimize the health and function of the pelvic organs. This hand-on manual therapy treatment addresses soft tissue and visceral (uterine and ovarian) restrictions in the abdomen, hips, and spine. It is non-invasive, all external, and gentle. 

Mercier Therapy

Rebecca Turley

Rebecca Turley is a Certified Mercier Therapist, DONA Doula, Reiki and Sound Practitioner specializing in women’s pelvic wellness. When it comes to healing and staying healthy, she has a holistic body, mind and spirit approach. She believes you matter! As you navigate the journey of taking care of yourself, having choices, support and being heard will help you find your way. Rebecca understands we all have diverse health experiences and circumstances. She believes that intentionally caring for our pelvic organs, menstrual cycles, and hormones will foster wellness throughout our lives. Through these techniques, Rebecca teaches by being connected to your body, nourishing it and managing stress, provides clarity and energy to go about all the day’s needs. Loving yourself spills out to all those you love and care for. ‘Come as you are’. 

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