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     In addition to offering several different and effective chiropractic techniques and adjustments, the office is fully equipped with pain relieving modalities that work to reduce swelling, decrease muscle spasms, and improve joint mechanics. Modalities include: heat/ice packs, electrical stem and ultrasound therapies, traction tables and rehabilitative exercise equipment. We often include various athletic taping techniques to either support or brace injured joints. We also use the popular Kinesio tape to allow free range of motion and reduce swelling and pain to the injured site.

     At Chiropractic & Wellness we take the time to accurately diagnose you or your child’s complaint and determine how we can be most effective in addressing the injury. We use an individualized approach to our therapy and rehabilitative programs so that it fits each patient’s needs. This may include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, proprioceptive training, myofascial release and nutritional support.

     For Disc patients we utilize a gentle Distraction Table to specifically strengthen low back muscles for reconditioning, disc hydration, pain reduction and prevention of future injuries. Patients that complete a therapy program are given a HEP (home exercise program) so they can continue their progress in the comfort of their home.

     Although there are seldom “magic bullets” or quick fixes for long term injuries, we’re not interested in enlisting you in an endless treatment and payment plan. We strive to get you well as quickly as possible so that you can safety resume your activities and return to your regular life, pain free. We are very open to consulting and working with your doctors, surgeons and other various practitioners to speed your recovery.

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